13 Jun 2023

Weite – Assemblage on presale now

Presales are now live for the debut album by Weite, titled Assemblage.

Weite is a new group comprised of Nick DiSalvo (Elder, delving), Michael Risberg (Elder), Ben Lubin and Ingwer Boysen that was originally conceived as a one-off recording project in the winter of 2021. After writing and recording Assemblage within the span of a single week, the potential for this collection of American, German and British musicians seemed hardly exhausted and thus the decision to found a ‘proper’ band was made.

For those non-German speakers out there, “Weite” means “expanse”, “vastness” or “width”; the name was chosen to reflect the wide-open landscapes (and also breadth of influences) channeled by the band’s ambling kraut-psychrock. On the group’s debut, a sense of joy in exploring without boundaries is obvious; four lengthy tracks showcase influences such as Tortoise, Neu!, Nels Cline and Earth.

Fans of Elder‘s Gold & Silver Sessions, Papir or delving will probably dig this one. Available on 180gr. black vinyl including download or on CD. Assemblage will be released digitally on June 30th.

Weite will perform 4 shows to celebrate the release of their debut album:
13.07. Berlin (DE) – Kantine am Berghain
14.07. Erfurt (DE) – Stoned From The Underground Festival
15.07. Hamburg (DE) – Hafenklang (Goldener Salon)
16.07. Pleszew (PL) – Red Smoke Festival