9 Oct 2017

TRONDHEIM BASS ORCHESTRA – Vortex Surfer/True Middle

Basically… a lot of bass.

Trondheim Bass Orchestra was started in the late nineties by Michael Francis Duch ( Dog & Sky). The Bass Orchestra has consisted of up to 13 double basses and has played music by Jimi Hendrix, Franz Schubert, Cornelius Cardew, Alphaville and Bob Dylan, to name a few. Now it’s time for their very first release, a vinyl 7″ of songs by local band Motorpsycho, with contributions by Andreas
Elvenes, Kyrre Laastad and Matt Burt.

Covering two iconic songs, Vortext Surfer and True Middle, this 7″ is highly limited and available in both black and silver. Take your pick – you can buy one copy from our webshop while supplies last! This is a preorder, so your 7″ will be shipped shortly before the release date of October 27th. And we aren’t shipping this one to our Norwegian friends, so if you live in Norway, please order from Crispin Glover directly. Thank you!