29 Nov 2019

Test pressing raffle for a good cause (take 2)

We threw a party in May together with Motorpsycho and Elder to celebrate 25 years of Stickman Records. That evening, we raffled off some test pressings from both bands and donated the funds collected to https://oneearth-oneocean.com/en/. We also promised a second, online raffle later in the year – and here we are!

Up for grabs are the following test pressings:

ElderReflections of a Floating Word
ElderSpires Burn/Release
MotorpsychoThe Tower
MotorpsychoThe Crucible

All signed by the bands too!

This time we’re not collecting money for a donation ourselves. What we’d like you to do is to donate a minimum of €5 (or $5 if you’re in the US) to a charity of your choice and mail us proof (PayPal receipt or similar) to stickman@stickman-records.de. Deadline is Christmas day! Out of privacy reasons, you are welcome to black out all information other than your name, the name of the charity, and the amount. Eligible to take part are all donations made to humanitarian, environmental or animal protection causes. No donations to the Trump clan, please. ;-)

You will be assigned a raffle number in the order we receive the mails. €5/$5 will earn you one raffle number, €10/$10 will earn you three. Large donations will earn you the corresponding amount of raffle numbers plus a few extra and some sympathy points. Winners will be chosen via a random number generator. And pro tip: you can multi-task and purchase a donation as a gift for a friend or family member and your Christmas present woes are solved – it’s all good!

Choose something close to your heart or close to your home. Plant some trees, support your local animal shelter, buy a kid in a faraway place a bike to get to school on. The options are endless.

Privacy protection information: we will need your name, email address and donation amount to assign you your raffle numbers. We will contact the four winners by email and at that point will need their shipping address in order to send out the prizes. We will announce the winners in the January 2020 newsletter (first name and last initial only) and all raffle information will be deleted after that point. We will of course not share your information with any third parties.