28 Oct 2016

Stickman welcomes Orango with new album!

For those of you familiar with Norwegian rock (a fair few, we estimate), the name Orango should ring a bell. The often-cited “hardest working band in Norway” has now found a new home at Stickman Records and we are proud to announce that their new album “The Mules of Nana” will be welcomed to the world on January 13th, 2017!

Orango and Stickman have a history together as old friends and label partners, and we’re glad to see this partnership growing further. As their first proper Stickman release (we distributed their last record Battles in Europe), “The Mules of Nana” is special in a few ways – it’s also the band’s first album with new bassist Hallvard Gaardløs and we feel it showcases the band in their prime: full of bluesy, soulful rock goodness. Preorders for the album will begin in January!

Check the teaser for the single “Heirs” below. The full video will premiere on November 11th.