24 Mar 2017

Soup – Remedies now on presale

“Remedies” by Soup is the band’s 7th full length album and a very interesting step forward for the band. A self-described “musical journey”, the album’s 5 songs are mostly long pieces, full of melancholy, melody and stunning beauty. Listeners will hear traditional Soup elements as well as new psychedelic and progressive jams borrowing heavily from their predecessors in the 1970s. The album was produced by Paul Savage and is wrapped in original artwork by Lasse Hoile, making it a stunning package both for the ears and eyes.

We’ve got a limited number of the special edition vinyl which comes with an original print of the artwork, signed by Hoile himself. Both the special and regular versions are available on purple splatter wax. We’ll start shipping these beauties on April 14th!