Waste A Saint



CD / LP (col.)

AGCRCD2201 / All Good Clean Records

Another rock gem from Trondheim, Norway. Waste A Saint play heavy alternative rock combined with influences from the 60’s/70’s and a healthy dose of stoner rock, topped off with frontwoman Bogey Steffansdottir’s soaring vocals. Classic Rock Norway sums it up nicely: “expansive, soul-powered, fuzzfuller power rock from Trondheim, Norway which sounds bigger, badder and heavier with every play”. Limited edition on clear & black vinyl.


  1. Shoot Your Way Out
  2. The Healer
  3. Textbook People Pleaser
  4. See You Disappear
  5. We =Another Me
  6. Superego
  7. By Proxy
  8. Breaking Through
  9. Feet To The Fire

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