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Trondheim Calling


SNUT2CGR086 / Crispin Glover Records

2LP including CD. Rainbow splatter vinyl.

Collection of songs composed exclusively for the Trondheim Calling music festival by Spidergawd’s Per Borten together with hand-picked musicians from all genres.


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1. How Still My Heart, How Famous the Moon – Emilie Storaas
2. Exclamation Marks Behind Everyday Trivia at the Discotheque – Øyvind Ramsøy-Halle
3. Does Death Appear to a Bureaucrat as a Bureaucrat? – Remi Langseth
4. The Nature of Snow – Amanda Tenfjord
5. Bridges in Trondheim All Cross the Same Damn River – Ragnhild Fangel Jamtveit
6. A Dragonfly’s Cure for Pain – Gisle Solbu
7. Because You Have to Make Time, to Find Time – Mia Marlen Berg
8. Too Busy to Heed My Own Voice on the Radio – Rohey Talaah
9. Winter Song – Matt Burt
10. Not Having Met the New Neighbors Is Often More Interesting than Afterwards – Hallvard Gaardløs
11. There is Music in the Machine – Spidergawd

Additional information

A commissioned piece of music for the Trondheim Calling 2018 Festival, by Per Borten.

Trondheim Calling asked composer Per Borten to make a commissioned piece of music for the 2018 festival. The concept is fixed to Borten’s perception of Trondheim’s music scene after the turn of the century. A heart warming homage to it’s many bands in different genres from Y2K to the present. Per engaged a handful of young cherry-picked musicians in different genres, with whom he composed a series of well-constructed compositions to each one of the artists. A reflection of themselves interpreted by Borten, and the sound of Trondheim 2018. The music was performed February 2nd in Storsalen at Studentersamfundet, Trondheim city, Norway (the true center of the universe).

Attend, or evaporate into space….