Various Artists

The Sun The Moon The Mountain: A Passage Through Greek Psychedelia

BEAT 001 / Archaeopia

LP on black vinyl, hand-numbered and limited to 400 pcs./LP on solid cream vinyl, hand-numbered and limited to 50 pcs.

The debut release on the Archaeopia label is a tribute to the growing and glowing Greek psychedelic rock scene. 6 original tracks from the scene’s finest artists.

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  1. Tau & Villagers of Ioannina City – Wakey Wakey
  2. The Road Miles – 600 Miles
  3. Cyanna Mercury – The Flood
  4. Sleepin Pillow – Amplifier In My Heart
  5. Green Yeti – Monkey Riders
  6. Craang – When In Ruins

Additional information

The Sun. The Moon. The Mountain. Three fundamental elements of the Greek psyche. From the Homeric hymns of the fiery-stallion-riding sun-god Helios and his ethereal sister Selene, goddess of the moon, to the myriad myths and legends surrounding the highlands and the consecration of Mount Olympus as the dwelling of the gods, these inextricable components of the Greek landscape, brimming with rich symbolism and religious gravitas, have dominated indigenous lore, mythology, literature, poetry and music for millennia.

In modern-day Greece, one of the music genres that largely incorporated such symbols and concepts of old – either lyrically or musically – is undoubtedly psychedelic rock. The pioneering work of Socrates Drank The Conium and Aphrodite’s Child in the seventies established the connection between Greek psychedelic music and religious/folkloric themes. Vangelis’ epically toned solo career focused on mythical ideas, while psych bards Purple Overdose delved deeper into the magical mysticism of antiquity.

Today we’re amidst a full-on psychedelic rock revival. New bands emerge consecutively, recalling old motifs on one hand, contributing essentially to the genre with new ideas on the other, whereas occult and spiritual notions are commonplace. With this release we want to honour the ever-growing Greek psychedelic rock scene that stands strong in the current global renaissance of the genre.

Juxtaposing our title to the collection of songs featured on this vinyl, the following concept might arise: The sun represents psychedelic rock in its most lurid expression, a euphoric desert plain walkabout towards a bacchic celebration of light. The moon takes us on a slow-burning trip into the night, with the melancholic exaltation of glazed psychedelia. The mountain is manifested by a massive wall of sound, evoking visions of dark rites and primordial cults. Each featured band mirrors a singular element, steering into a substantial whole.

The Sun. The Moon. The Mountain. As influential and imposing and radiant as ever. Enjoy!