Trondheim Bass Orchestra

Vortex Surfer/True Middle



Crispin Glover Records / BASS1CGR079

The Trondheim Bass Orchestra has covered two of Motorpsycho’s most iconic songs, Vortex Surfer and True Middle, on this special 7″. Available on black vinyl. 


  1. Vortex Surfer
  2. True Middle


Additional information

Basically a lot of bass.
Trondheim Bass Orchestra was started in the late nineties by Michael Francis Duch ( Dog & Sky). Back then he was studying music at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and is currently employed as an associate professor at the same institution.

At the most, the bass orchestra has consisted of 13 double basses and has played music by Jimi Hendrix, Franz Schubert, Cornelius Cardew, Alphaville and Bob Dylan, to name a few.

Trondheim Bass Orchestra’s first release is in the form of a 7″ vinyl playing songs by local band Motorpsycho, with contributions by Andreas Elvenes, Kyrre Laastad and Matt Burt.