Thulsa Doom

She Fucks Me!



7GTD6034 / Duplex Records

Now legendary debut EP by Thulsa Doom remastered for vinyl in this 20th anniversary re-release!


  1. Sins Of The Next Man
  2. Birthday Pony
  3. Fatboys Head
  4. Cities After Cheese
  5. She Fucks Me

Additional information

Thulsa Doom’s legendary debut EP is finally back in stock in this 20th anniversary edition!

From the band:

“Back in ’99 the cover of Thulsa Doom record was the big talk of the worldwide stoner-rock community. Just take a quick look and you’ll remember the story!
‘She Fucks Me’ contains some of their best known songs, including the epic and timeless ‘Birthday Pony’. Since covered by bands all over the globe (hello Russia!), it is still the highlight of every concert by the now reformed Thulsa Doom, alongside another EP classic, namely ‘Sins Of The Next Man'”

“She Fucks Me” is now finally back in stock, and remastered for vinyl for the first time ever.