Thulsa Doom

...And Then Take You To A Place Where Jars Are Kept



GTD6030 / Duplex Records

Originally released in 2003, this stoner rock masterpiece earned Thulsa Doom two Norwegian Grammy nominations. The 2019 reissue is remastered for vinyl for the first time ever!


  1. Why Do You Keep On (Watching The Porno) After You came
  2. Kick Me
  3. Hold The Parade
  4. Shot By Both Sides
  5. Got To Have Mine
  6. Generation 71
  7. Learn From TV
  8. How Hard Can It Be
  9. Machine Of Oslo
  10. Papa Doom Preach (Where Jars Are Kept)

Additional information

Thulsa Doom – “And Then Take You To A Place Where Jars Are Kept” 2019 reissue, remastered for vinyl for the first time.

Thulsa Doom’s second album “…And Then Take You To A Place Where Jars Are Kept” (2003) earned them two Norwegian Grammy nominations, and is widely recognized as one of the best rock-releases from Norway ever.

Bjarte Lund Rolland of KVELERTAK says:

“If the “Seats..” album is Norway’s take on “Blues for the Red Sun”, then “..Jars” is the equivalent to “Songs for the Deaf”.

This masterpiece does the same job of lifting stoner rock out of the blues-doom-jam-hell the genre became at a certain point. 

Less stoner, more rock, less riff parades and more SONGS, made with finesse and a swagger that stands up to anything ever released in Norway.

“Jars” is fully formed, all the songs are classics, the dynamics and variations makes this album one of very few in Norwegian rock that stands for a fabulous listen from start to finish … “Jars” is my favorite album in the Thulsa-canon, the soundtrack to my early days, vorspiel-killer, tour-buss-blaster, and it has been the inspiration to start many a band, including KVELERTAK.”