Thulsa Doom

Ambition Freedom


LP (black vinyl)

DM150LP / Drabant Music

Their roots are firmly planted in heavy rock, melodic aggression and despair. They have conquered the stoner rock kids and breathed fiery life into the classic rock snobs.
Now Thulsa Doom’s branches are growing with twigs of Kiss and Crimson; strong wooden arms hold Skynyrd, Ween and Bob Dylan, and progressive leaves of soulful, poignant, intricate gems cover the ground. And there are nuts, lots of nuts.

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  1. Endless, Unless
  2. Man With Ambition
  3. Die Like An Aviator
  4. Easy, Lord
  5. All The Other Records
  6. Crucifixion Nails
  7. Parade Of The Obese
  8. Locked In On A Behaviour

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