Thulsa Doom

A Keen Eye For The Obvious



GTD6038 / Duplex Records

After a 12 year break between albums, Thulsa Doom returns with “A Keen Eye For The Obvious”. Often hailed as the “Kyuss of Norway”, their return album is a more varied approach melding classic rock with stoner undertones.


  1. Lady Nina
  2. Eloquent Profanity
  3. Wrap The Bad Up
  4. Shadows On The X-Rays
  5. Consider Me
  6. Bag Of Fries
  7. Quest For Fire
  8. Magazine
  9. In Italics And Bold
  10. Baby, Hate It

Additional information

Formed in 1999, the Norwegian band Thulsa Doom could have at first been seen as the nordic country’s answer to Kyuss. Their debut album The Seats Are Soft But The Helmet Is Way Too Tight was heavy on the desert vibes, winning the band a spot on the map in the stoner rock community. The band kept churning out riffs and by 2003, Thulsa Doom’s second album …And Then Take You To A Place Where Jars Are Kept was nominated for two Norwegian Grammys, and is now widely recognized as one of the country’s finest rock releases ever. As Bjarte Lund Rolland of Kvelertak says: “This masterpiece does the same job [Songs for the Deaf did] of lifting stoner rock out of the blues-doom-jam-hell the genre became at a certain point.”

Where does that bring us to now, 12 years down the road? A Keen Eye… is in many ways a natural successor to their 2003 classic, a sweet spot where stoner rock finds its natural place in a classic rock album. Starting off with immense swagger, the album single “Lady Nina” is an unmistakable homage to Thin Lizzy, both in sound and songwriting craftsmanship. Moving ahead, the album is anything but straightforward. From the dark, brooding tone of “Wrap The Bad Up” to the bluesy, balladic qualities of “In Italics and Bold”, A Keen Eye… is a wonderfully diverse album spanning the whole rock spectrum.