Search for Paradise

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Psychobabble 054 / Stickman Records

Disc One is a CD compilation of the first three Wedding Present singles for Scopitones + previously unavailable acoustic versions.
Disc Two is a DVD compilation of the accompanying promotional videos including previously unavailable material.

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CD (Disc One):
1. Interstate 5
2. Bad Things
3. Snapshots
4. I’m from Further North than You
5. Rekindling
6. The Girl with the Curious Smile
7. Nickels and Dimes
8. I’m from Further North than You (Klee Remix)
9. Ringway to Seatac
10. Shivers
11. American Tan
12. Interstate 5 (Acoustic Version)
13. I’m from Further North than You (Acoustic Version)
14. Ringway to Seatac (Acoustic Version)

DVD (Disc Two):
1. Don’t Touch that Dial (Promotional Video)
2. Interstate 5 (Promotional Video)
3. I’m from Further North than You (Promotional Video)
4. Ringway to Seatac (Promotional Video)
5. Perfect Blue (Three Minute Film) (Live Acoustic Version)
6. Behind the Scenes

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