Time In Space


2LP (black)
ROOSTER22LP / Rooster Rock

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1. Summer Drone
2. 31st
3. Bemmie Underwater
4. Backwards Doom
5. Crawling
6. Assignment Inner Space
7. Poppy
8. Long Gone Live
9. Jello’s Engine’s Running
10. Wine Glass Experiment
11. Excerpt 09
12. World Of Keys
13. Coming ‘Round
14. Sombre Carpet
15.For Madmen Only
16. Beard Of Stars
17. Steak And Riffney Pie
18. Dad Gad
19. Undersided Jam
20. Trunk
21. Opius
22. 03 Track 03

This is the export edition of The Heads’ Time In Space compilation, a double LP originally pressed up in a limited edition for sale at Liverpool Psych fest and at the Bristol warm-up to follow.
22 tracks culled / compiled from the three highly collectable tour CDR series: Time In Space (1, 2, and 3). A collection of studio outtakes, rehearsal sessions and live tracks to create your own cosmic adventures! Cut onto one double LP set by Shawn Joseph, with Sam Giles artwork.

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