LP (bone) / CD

MPM022 / My Proud Mountain

Tesa hails from Riga, Latvia. Their sound moves from huge riffs into layers of noise and ambiance, recalling Neurosis, Isis and Swans. Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate). LP version on 180gr. bone colored vinyl.


1. C O N T R O L 1
2. C O N T R O L 2
3. C O N T R O L 3
4. C O N T R O L 4
5. C O N T R O L 5
6. C O N T R O L 6

Additional information

C O N T R O L is the band’s sixth studio album. Recorded and engineered by Girt Laumanis, with whom the band has worked on the last records, and mastered (again) by James Plotkin who worked on the previous album called ‘Ghost’ as well, released on My Proud Mountain in 2016.

With the latest release ‘C O N T R O L’, Tesa has ventured into a more dynamic and diverse part of songwriting and composing. Significantly, the first complete instrumental album (even though vocal parts have always been more of a contextual, often barely noticeable, layer) drifts from monotonous rhythmic, dark, but still melodic riffs into layers of drone, ambient and even harsh noise. Blending all the tracks together with interludes and ambient passages, the album is best experienced as a whole, as was the band’s primary intent when arranging the composition and flow of the songs. As cliche╠ü as it may sound, TESA has always unintentionally blurred the lines between genres and standards of heavy music in general, and C O N T R O L might be their most sincere attempt to date.