Sunn O)))

Flight Of The Behemoth

2LP (black vinyl)

sunn15 / Southern Lord

Flight of the Behemoth is the third album by sunn O))). The band collaborated with legendary Japanese noise artist Merzbow, who mixed tracks 3 and 4. The first ever use of a drum machine on a Sunn O))) track is heard on “F.W.T.B.T.”, a deconstructive interpretation of Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. This punisher also features the first ever vocals heard as evoked from the band themselves.

Contains full color 24”x36” folded poster in a glorious case-wrapped gatefold jacket. Also contains the vinyl only bonus track: “Grimm & Bear It”. Vinyl/metal cut by Matt Colton (Alchemy Mastering) who also cut the vinyl for the bands 2019 releases: “Life Metal” & “Pyroclasts.

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1. Mocking Solemnity
2. Death Becomes You
3. O)))Bow 1
4. O)))Bow 2
5. F.W.T.B.T.

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