The Guardian of Yosemite



Cursed Tongue Records / CTR006

Debut LP from Arkansas progressive doom/sludge band Sumokem. For fans of Mastodon and Pallbearer.

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  1. Attack Of The Mammoth
  2. Warning
  3. War Pipe/Rite Of The Calumet
  4. Ogama
  5. Tisayac
  6. Mescalito/Meeting Of The Half Moon
  7. Nantucket

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SUMOKEM make short work of a number of different genre barriers throughout the seven-song offering and from opener “Attack of the Mammoth,” there’s little between epic metal, doom and sludge that isn’t in their grasp. Grooves unfold fluidly from the outset, and as “Warning” is the shortest inclusion at just under seven minutes, there’s plenty of time for them to do so.

CT from Rwake steps in for a guest spot on “War Pipe / Rite of the Calumet,” which adds bite and allows “Ogama” to earn its place as the centerpiece of the album proper with its gracefully progressive rollout offering a melodic highlight even with a peaceful stretch between onslaughts still to come in “Tisayac,” a soaring crescendo of lead guitar in “Mescalito / Meeting of the Half Moon” and a resolved post-Pallbearer expressiveness in 10-minute closer “Nantucket.”

– Review via The Obelisk