Big Sky Country


SURF2CGR039 / Crispin Glover Records

Second album from this Trondheim-based band, founded by Oyvind Holm and Hogne Galaen in 2012. The band also features Bent Saether (Motorpsycho), Even Granas (International Tussler Society), Thomas Henriksen (Dipsomaniacs) and pedal steel guru Roar Oien.

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Side A
1. River Dream
2. Owe Them Nothing
3. Safe As Houses
4. Cold Whispering Winds

Side B
1. Monday (I’ll Stay Sober)
2. Lady Waltz
3. Dolphins Hotel
4. Ego In A Bag

Side C
1. Do It Again
2. Lucky Breaks & Lucky Numbers
3. Elevator Man
4. Days Undone

Side D
1. How To Keep Her
2. A Horse Called Your Love
3. To Be In Love And Hate You Too
4. My Friend

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