Stina Stjern's Numbness

plays Stina Stjern vs. Motorpsycho


2LP (3-sided, one black and one white vinyl)

Mind-blowing interpretations of songs from Motorpsycho’s early days, executed par excellence by Stina Stjern and musicians from the Norwegian University Of Science and Technology.

Limited to 400 copies on black & white double vinyl.
NO SALES TO NORWAY, SORRY. This album is on presale! Release date is August 31 and LPs will be shipped shortly before that date.

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  1. Come On In (Demon Box)
  2. `s Numbness (Blissard)
  3. Junior (Demon Box)
  4. Leave It Like That (Timothy’s Monster)
  5. Another Ugly Tune (Another Ugly EP)
  6. Wearing Yr Smell (Timothy’s Monster)
  7. Sinful, Wind-Borne (Blissard)

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