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VODUBOX101 / Crispin Glover Records

3CD Box set

Contains the albums IV and V on CD for the first time, as well as a third CD with b-sides from the “V” single 7″s and bonus material. Also contains never before seen artwork and new liner notes.

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CD 1:

  1. Is This Loveā€¦?
  2. I Am The Night
  3. Loucille
  4. Ballad Of A Millionaire (Song For Elina)
  5. What You Have Become
  6. The Inevitable
  7. Heaven Comes Tomorrow
  8. Stranglehold

CD 2:

  1. All And Everything
  2. Ritual Supernatural
  3. Twentyfourseven
  4. Green Eyes
  5. Knights Of CGR
  6. Avatarl
  7. Whirlwind Rodeo
  8. Do I Need A Doctor

CD 3: B-sides and bonus material

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