Soothsayer Orchestra

Soothsayer Orchestra


LP (colored) / LP (black)

LBR032 / Lay Bare Recordings

Soothsayer Orchestra is a one-man project led by Pieter Hendriks from The Netherlands, whose gravelly voice leads a caravan of dark Americana, folk noir and apocalyptic blues sounds. Written while isolated in an old caravan in the dark forests of the Eifel, the songs on his debut LP are imbued with a special kind of atmosphere perhaps lending to the solitary nature of their creation.

Limited to 250 copies on white/oxblood or black vinyl.


1. Rise Gomorrah Rise
2. Black Velvet Deathbed
3. Euryale
4. Dead Lovers Eden
5. Heavenseeker
6. The Gallow Awaits
7. The Rooster Calls
8. Bethlehymn
9. Amidst the Coiling Snakes

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