Ruff Majik


2LP (colored)

RFR015 / Rock Freaks Records

Ruff Majik is a trio from South Africa who have quickly gained a reputation for their intense performances and raw yet multifaceted sound. Sludge, heavy rock, grunge, psych, it’s all here in spades. This 180gr 2LP comes on golden smoke colored vinyl.

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  1. Harpy
  2. Gone Down In The Woods Today
  3. Breathing Ghosts
  4. Last Of The Witches
  5. It Flies At Night
  6. Hanami Sakura (And The Ritual Suicide)
  7. The Deep Blue
  8. Hammered Are The Gods
  9. Birds Stole My Eyes
  10. Tar Black Blood
  11. Come All Ye Druids
  12. Asleep In The Leaves

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