Ramblin' Roze

Howl Of The Coomb


LP (transparent blue-green)

SWP017 / Sloomweep Productions

“Loaded up with Southern rock sensibilities, splashes of punk and Sabbathian blues, Chinese five-piece Ramblin’ Roze’s nostalgic note-topping soul is worth a listen for Down By The River alone.”- Metal Hammer
Transparent blue-green vinyl with color insert and A2 traditional Chinese painting poster. Limited to 200 copies worldwide.

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  1. Endless Highway
  2. Knell’s Tolling (Intro Of Swing Song)
  3. Swing Song
  4. Devil Woman
  5. Space Cowboy
  6. Twilight Eyes
  7. Mountain Of The Dead
  8. Who’s Fault
  9. Down By The River

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