The Papermoon Sessions Live At Roadburn 2014


LP (black vinyl)

ST1501 / Sulatron Records

Papir and Electric Moon met on stage at Roadburn 2014 for their second ever jam together. This is the magic of that session caught on recording!

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  1. Powdered Stars
  2. Blazing Milky Way

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Sula Bassana and Komet Lulu from Electric Moon, all the guys from Papir and Mogens Deenfort from Øresund Space Collective met the second time – to play their first and exclusive live show together:  The Papermoon Sessions live at Roadburn 2014. The very first time they played together their studio album was born. Now – live – they played together for only the second time and it again became a record. This is a 100% music haul from their material! Only 2 long tracks, which include all the power and love these 6 people share in a musical way. Quite emotional, very hypnotic and trance-like, the band explores the magic of musically reverse osmosis: they melted themselves down into one creature, that flooded the people with psychedelic kraut sounds.