Our Solar System

Världsliga Bekymmer


LP (blue)
Kommun2 K240C

“This is spiritual space rock with a pagan, ritualistic feel to it!” – Daniel Ekeroth, author of Swedish Death Metal. The sounds seemingly made of space-travelling Bedouins teaming up with a tribe of deep wood dunces come together on this bewitchingly ingratiating album from Swedish favourites Vårt Solsystem (also known as Our Solar System in other clusters of the galaxy).

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  1. Natten Skingras
  2. Hemmat I Soluppgangen
  3. Fara A Farde
  4. Stormen Ar Kommen
  5. Vindarnas Dal Ar Forlorad
  6. Forsiktigt Med Den Dar Kniven, Anders
  7. Kossor I Natten
  8. Kullor I Natten
  9. Mistluren
  10. Den Har Kartan Stammer Ju Inte

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