LP + download / CD
DIVREC 034 / Division Records

Available on 180gr. green vinyl including download with hand-numbered cover and as a CD.



  1. Glow Out Of Time
  2. Loco
  3. Old Shores
  4. Hillside Man
  5. Blue Heart
  6. Sunny Bay
  7. Evergreen

Additional information

From the first bars of the opener “Glow Out Of Time”, Orango pull no punches and let you know exactly what Evergreens is all about: grit, groove and melody. Or is it? Taking a sideways step from the album’s predecessor The Mules of Nana, Evergreens eschews some of the polish, opting for a more stripped-down, harder-rocking sound, filled out by the band’s signature vocal harmonies. It also shows Orango at their most adventurous, as evinced by the album’s title track and closer, the 16-minute epic “Evergreen”. This track alone is worth the admission price; flutes, organ, adventure-inspiring bass runs that could be approved by Iron Maiden, melancholy and contemplation giving way to ecstasy.