Nymphet Noodlers

Going Abroad


2LP (col.)

COOPREC004 / Coop Records Gotland

Nymphet Noodlers was a Swedish rock band from Karlstad who released their only album Going Abroad in 1994 . The band’s music was heavily influenced by Union Carbide Productions, and Ebbot Lundberg from both UCP and TSOOL was also the producer of Going Abroad. For fans of UCP and The Soundtrack of our Lives, of which both Mattias B. and Martin were members!

White vinyl. 

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  1. Headstomp
  2. Beautiful Day
  3. Going Abroad
  4. It’s Not Easy
  5. Unlimited Sympathy
  6. Divine Curse
  7. Sane
  8. The Sea
  9. Another Place
  10. Straight Lines
  11. Father
  12. Small Town

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