Down To The Bone


LP (black vinyl)

AGCR2301LP / All Good Clean Records

Norwegian doom metal power duo Nagirčalmmiid’s debut album Down to the Bone is finally available on vinyl. Nagirčalmmiid was born out of Covid-fueled boredom in Trondheim, 2020. Since starting out, Sebastian and Vegard –  the duo behind this ultra-heavy project – have been playing a huge amount of live shows all over the country. Inspired by bands like Sleep, Electric Wizard, Tool and Deafheaven, they write songs about Sami mythology, their own inner and outer struggles and politics, with an affinity for “everything that is awful”.

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  1. Water Up To Our Necks
  2. Black Country
  3. Maze
  4. Souivva
  5. A Long Walk Off A Short Pier
  6. Down To The Bone
  7. Arba
  8. Interlude
  9. Holes

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