Berliner Schule Sequencing

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PILZ 20206 / Pilz

The legendary PILZ label released the first album of the Berlin-based electronic group Mythos in 1972. The current album, Berliner Schule Sequencing, is a brand new production and the first new release on the PILZ label in 45 years. Mastermind Stephan Kaske presents the typical sound cascades and sequences of the Berlin School.

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  1. Rationality And Passion
  2. Filter Force
  3. Alien Conversation
  4. In Striking Distance
  5. Fire Up Your Engine
  6. Rising Earth Above The Lunar Horizon
  7. Dynamic Solutions
  8. The Few, The Proud
  9. Game On
  10. Iron And Steel
  11. Steady Flow
  12. Liquid Force
  13. Captain Consistence
  14. The Phobos Monolith
  15. Power Dome
  16. Viper Room

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