Musa Dagh

No Future


LP (turquoise)

HAYK-005 / Hayk Records

The sophomore album of German indie-noise rock supergroup Musa Dagh. While the first record was created according to the motto “just do it”, this time the three musicians knew much more precisely what they actually wanted. That’s why No Future is even more Musa Dagh than the album before. It is denser, wiser, wider. Limited edition on turqouise vinyl!

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  1. Bossanova USA
  2. Rhythm Pigs (A.F.M.D.)
  3. No Future
  4. Algorithm & Alcohol
  5. 0200 Hours
  6. Congaah
  7. VU
  8. Weekend Warrior
  9. Your Garden
  10. Me Two

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