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Psychobabble 130 / Stickman Records

Motorpsycho’s 2023 album. Produced by Reine Fiske and Lars Fredrik Swahn (Dungen, Melody’s Echo Chamber, The Amazing et al). Keeping things unpredictable since 1989, there is only one Motorpsycho. Red vinyl is a limited edition exclusive to the Stickman Records web shop!

This album is on presale and will be shipped shortly before release date of June 16, 2023.



1. Cold & Bored
2. Sentinels
3. Patterns
4. Dank State
5. W.C.A
6. Real Again (Norway Shrugs & Stays Home)
7. Loch Meaninglessness & The Mull of Dull
8. Hotel Daedalus
9. Scaredcrow
10. The Rapture

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