The Light Fantastic


LP (clear)
MTA06 / Motorpsycho Archives

Finally we managed to get our hands on copies of Motorpsycho’s 2019 fall tour release.
MTA06: a full LP length, 10 song vinyl album called The Light Fantastic that collects some older gems (and some newer, unreleased ones) in a snazzy package designed by Johan Harstad. The package also contains the Connoisseur’s Cataloge where your inner collector can geek out and potentially fulfill all possible motorpsychodelic needs!
No sales to Norway, sorry!

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1. Take The Air (PUPIL)
2. Granny Takes A Trip
3. Bonny Lee
4. Mockingbird
5. California (I’M SO COLD)
6. The Light Fantastic
7. Go Around Once
8. The Jig Is Up
9. The Visitant

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