Terje Brekkstad's Kosmiske Reise (Pts 1&2)

10″ Box

MTA05 / Motorpsycho Archives

Box sold on the 2019 spring tour. Includes a 10″ record on black vinyl, 120+ page English edition of the Norwegian magazine Nye Oppstøt and fold-out poster.

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1. Terje Brekkstads Kosmiske Reise Pt. 1
2. B Terje Brekkstads Kosmiske Reise Pt. 2

Additional information

“Nye Oppstøt is a Trondheim based alternative culture magazine run by friends of ours, and when they wanted to make their next issue about us, we decided to join in. there are three versions of this: the Norwegian version of the mag you can buy in kiosks and newsstands in Norway. There is also both a Norwegian and an english version of the magazine containing the record that you can buy at the merch stand (for as long as we have remaining stock) or through our web store once we’re back home.
The silver package contains the mag and a random colored (one of 3 variants) 10’’ containing pts 1&2 of a kosmische improv HM, Bent and Tos did while working at the Trøndelag Theatre back in 2017. we thought that kind of blissed out and droney stuff would fit well with the mag and their interest group. oh, and we really liked what we did, so there!
We’ve randomly included a picture or a note or a poster in most of these, but there is no system to it and it all depends on who does the packing and how much time he has to do it. ‘random’ being the key word here, you never know what’s in there. Fun, huh?
Anyway, these things are limited, so grab them while you can. it’s a thorough and good read, and the music is as motorpsychodelic as it gets!”