Black Hole / Blank Canvas

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Psychobabble 053 / Stickman Records

Motorpsycho as a duo for the one and only time. Click here to find the 2016 LP repress: Black Hole / Blank Canvas LP. We found some promos of this release, going out cheap!


Disc 1:

1. No Evil
2. In Our Tree
3. Coalmine Pony
4. Kill Devil Hills
5. Critical Mass
6. The 29th Bulletin
7. Devil Dog
8. Triggerman

Disc 2:

1. Hyena
2. Sancho Says
3. Sail On
4. The Ace
5. L.T.E.C. (Deja-Vulture Blues)
6. You Lose
7. Before the Flood
8. Fury on Earth
9. With Trixeene Through the Mirror, I Dream with Open Eyes

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