Limited edition 2×10″ + CD + DVD
Psychobabble 090 / Stickman Records

Soundtrack to “Begynnelser”, a play by Carl Frode Tiller. Motorpsycho trade their walls of amps for Mellotron keyboards and acoustic guitars to take the listener on a stripped-down ambient adventure. Limited deluxe package includes a CD and DVD of the performance with English subtitles. Limited to 1500 copies. Last remaining copies!

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1. Mærrabotn (Fosen)
2. Terje’s Sang (Bøla 1)
3. Jaques Tati (Kongensgate)
4. Trylleball (Sannan)
5. Dekdektiven Røker Om Natten (Figga)
6. Taterhjulets Gnaur (Majavatn)
7. Englevinger (Namskogan)
8. Sirkelpust (Jørstadbrua)
9. Satan (Namdalen)
10. Over Nyhavna (Falstadvalsen)
11. Tåke På Fjorden Rinnan Kjæm (Sør-Beistad)
12. Gutan I Skogen (Sol På Sunnan)
13. Terjes Sang (Bøla 2)



Additional information

In September and October of 2016, Motorpsycho joined De Utvalgte, an innovative Norwegian theater company, for a series of performances of the piece “Begynnelser” by Carl Frode Tiller. Staging a man‘s journey from the point of death back in time, he relives scenes that have steered his course in life. To commemorate the play – the first in the band‘s 27 year history – we present the original soundtrack on 2×10” vinyl including very special packaging, a CD and DVD of the performance.