Mos Generator



LP+Download (including bonus material)

Psychobabble 094 / Stickman Records

180 gr orange vinyl. Originally released in 2012, Mos Generator’s “Nomads” immediately became a fan favorite for its refreshing, no-bullshit take on the state of rock n’ roll in the new millennium. Five years later, Stickman is bringing back this modern classic, remastered and chock full of bonus material for the fans.

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  1. Cosmic Ark
  2. Lonely One Kenobi
  3. Torches
  4. Step Up
  5. Solar Angels
  6. For Your Blood
  7. Can’t Get Where I Belong
  8. Nomads
  9. This is the Gift of Nature

Bonus material (included in digital download):

  1. Step Up (7 Version)
  2. Cosmic Ark (Demo)
  3. Lonely One Kenobi (Demo)
  4. Torches (Demo)
  5. For Your Blood (Demo)
  6. Can’t Get Where I Belong (Demo)
  7. Lonely One Kenobi (Video Edit)


Additional information

Mos Generator has been setting the standard in excellent rock music for the better part of the last twenty years, never letting trends or paradigm shifts get in the way. Tony Reed, guitarist and vocalist of the band, heads up the project as well as writing and producing the band‘s material. When the band released Nomads in 2012, their first record in 7 years, they had already established themselves as masters of their craft, not just able to write airtight songs but to do so with the same knack for originality as their famous progenitors.

The record‘s nine songs span a wide swath of classic rock territory, beginning with the heavy lumber of the space-themed “Cosmic Ark”, moving through mid-paced headbangers like the single “Lonely One Kenobi” and even giving a nod to the 80’s with a cover of Judas Priest’s “Solar Angels”. Reed has the natural conviction of a man with music in his DNA and the chops to back it up, but Nomads is a testament to the band’s pop sensibilities as much as their ability to rock. Once these riffs get in your head, they definitely won’t be leaving any time soon.

“The return of Mos Generator strikes a chord with its straightforwardness, its lack of bullshit and its engaging songwriting,” writes JJ Koczan of The Obelisk. “Hooks for miles and grooves for longer than that, Nomads is a heavy rocker’s chorus-loaded paradise.”

Stickman Records is re-releasing Nomads album on colored 180gr. vinyl including a download of the album, including 8 bonus tracks from the Nomads recording sessions. Long live rock n’ roll!