Melting Palms

Noise Between The Shades

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2LP (Galaxy Red)

LPSR051LP / La Pochette Surprise Records

The first local Hamburg band in ages to rock our boat. Best described as a modern Shoegazer album, well-produced and recorded in Hamburg’s Clouds Hill studio. Double vinyl in a beautiful gatefold cover with Obi. Highly recommended!

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1. Withering Flowers
2. Nova
3. Cascades Of Noise
4. Ark
5. Crimson Eye
6. Tangerine
7. Cocoon
8. Nymph
9. Orchard’s Lie
10. Sheela
11. Cyclone
12. Aurora

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The result “Noise Between The Shades” is an elemental full of precise detours, one is carried away by this audacious sound but also by the narratives of the pieces. The lyrics are about hope and foreboding, melancholy and promise. Melting Palms are not just the the product of a single head, that becomes clear in the songwriting. This is – like the musical input – a patchwork of many creative energies. This is a collective – and you can hear that too.