Mattis Kleppen & Resjemheia



LP (clear/black swirl) + CD

TRAD4CGR102 / Crispin Glover Records

Re-issue of Mattis Kleppen & Resjemheia’s debut album from 2013. This version has new and improved cover artwork by Per Spjøtvold.

As on their two follow up albums, Resjemheia play a mix of West African blues / folk music and Norwegian traditional music, fronted by fretless acoustic bass player Mattis Kleppen and featuring vocals from Ingrid Helene Håvik.

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  1. Tamatant Tilay/Nordafjells
  2.  Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
  3. Bordstabelen
  4. Play It All Night Long
  5. Bambugu Blues
  6. Tjugedalaren
  7. Look So Good
  8. Iron Horse
  9. Igletveiten
  10. Goin’ To Brownsville
  11. Rosa
  12. Skuldalsbruri
  13. Tamatant Tilay
  14. Mopti

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