Lunatic Skydance


2LP (golden smoke)

RFR020 / Rock Freaks Records

Rock Freaks Records has reissued a long lost gem from the little known Lunatic Skydance (LSD) from Cologne. Hidden under tons of grunge and knotted psychedelic roots, this album matured for 20 years without losing the freshness of a debut recording. This hour-long 9 song monolith could be the legitimate successor of Seattle’s Mad Season, who set a memorable and painful end to the Grunge era. Recorded to tape by Guido Lucas at Blubox Studio (known for their “wall-of-sound/noise” recordings back in the days) you also feel the inspirations for this psychedelic powertrip by Motorpsycho, (early) Monster Magnet, Soundgarden, Godspeed and “weirdo stoner rock”.

2LP on golden smoke vinyl.

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  1. Cannonball
  2. When I Fall Down
  3. Into The Light
  4. EMC
  5. Pee Woo
  6. Raju
  7. Man Who Eats The Sun
  8. What’s The Time
  9. Radio Active

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