Ode To Io (Deluxe Edition)

2LP (gold)

BFR-015-LP / Blues Funeral Recordings

The ultimate edition of the debut album from the progenitors of Swedish desert-rock, fully remastered with bonus tracks! In the wake of defunct Palm Springs originators Kyuss, musicians worldwide coalesced to craft their own visions for the desert rock sound. Standing foremost among them was Lowrider, whose debut, “Ode to Io,” became the blueprint countless others would follow. This deluxe reissue on clear vinyl is fully remastered and includes 6 bonus tracks.

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1. Caravan
2. Flat Earth
3. Convoy V
4. Dust Settlin’
5. Sun Devil
6. Anchor
7. Texas Pt I & II
8. Riding Shotgun
9. Saguaro
10. Ode To Io
11. The Gnome, The Serpent, The Sun
12. David William Hugues
13. Lameneshma
14. Shivaree
15. Ol’ Mule Pepe
16. Upon The Dune

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