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Pink Paper Hearts



BJK 109 / BJK Music

Local Store is a new band by Norwegian guitar virtuoso Bjørn Klakegg, best known for his Canterbury style prog rock group Needlepoint. Instead of leaning on his talents as a jazz and prog musician, Klakegg and his bandmates have developed over the course of two full-length albums a playful style of folkish indie rock with tinges of 60’s psychedelia. Pink Paper Hearts is the band’s second album – a collection of lovely songs full of heart and pastoral melody.

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  1. Pink Paper Hearts
  2. Both Sides Of Today
  3. Back To You
  4. Weightlessly Floating
  5. Choir Of May
  6. Prelude Of A Day
  7. Forever
  8. If This Calm Could Stay
  9. Every Single Street
  10. Don’t Remember Making Hearts

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