Kristoffer Lo


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FARR100 / Crispin Glover Records

Soundtrack to the documentary film of the same name composed by Kristoffer Lo, executed by the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, Ola Kvernberg, Thomas Järmyr & Kyrre Laastad. The LP comes on transparent/black vinyl plus CD.

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  1. Intro
  2. Barna
  3. Verftene
  4. De Harde 30 – Årene
  5. Tavernan
  6. Dampskipene
  7. Tomme Gater
  8. Bits & Peac (with TSO)
  9. Krigen
  10. Past War Time (with TSO)
  11. Gråkaillen
  12. Gervskott
  13. Skøytebane
  14. Trondheimsreisen For Ola
  15. Sign
  16. Gule Kjole
  17. Behind Past War Time (with TSO)
  18. Redd Byen
  19. Se Seg Selv
  20. Trondheimsreisen (with TSO)
  21. Lynching (with TSO)

Additional information

Trondheimsreisen is a documentary film from the artists’ home town made up of archive and private footage from early 1900 up until today.

Kristoffer Lo composed 20 tracks for the movie + 1 bonus track that is exclusive for this release.  Throughout the album he is joined by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, Ola Kvernberg, Thomas Järmyr & Kyrre Laastad.