Kosmik Boogie Tribe

Early Arvo Ashtar Galactic Command Transmission


LP (black)

BFTRS026 / Blues For The Red Sun

Kosmik Boogie Tribe: the name says it all. Formed by members of Lonely Kamel, The Good, The Bad and the Zugly, and The Mormones, KBT is an unabashedly guitar-centric hard rock band from Oslo. With the release of Early Arvo Ashtar Galactic Command Transmission, Norwegian veteran band Kosmik Boogie Tribe unleashes their mark of boogie punk for the 6th time.

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1. Grouse Trucker
2. Al-Ma’Mun’s Portal
3. Heavy Metal Kid
4. The Mercury Nudges Forty
5. Flippin’ Through The Bins
6. Vrillon’s Transit
7. Black Eyed Bruiser

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