Iron Jinn

Iron Jinn


Psychobabble 129 / Stickman Records

2LP (col.)+ patch / 2LP (col.) / 2LP / CD

Amsterdam’s “masters of strange and ethereal psychedelia” (Distorted Sound), Iron Jinn are a new band featuring members of  The Devil’s Blood, Death Alley, Shaking Godspeed and Birth of Joy. Formed as a collaborative project at Roadburn 2018, the band has returned fully incarnated in 2023 to celebrate the release of their debut album. A special limited Roadburn Edition 2LP is available on colored vinyl. In addition, this edition is available as an even more limited patch bundle (only 100!).



  1. Winding World
  2. Soft Healers
  3. Ego Loka
  4. Truth Is Your Dagger
  5. Lick It Or Kick it
  6. Relic
  7. Bread And Games
  8. Blood Moon Horizon
  9. Cage Rage

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