I Like To Sleep

Bedmonster's Groove


LP (gold marbled) / LP (black)

AGCRLP2401 All Good Clean Records

Stickman Records exclusive vinyl color, limited to 50 copies worldwide!

I Like To Sleep on new and undiscovered roads, with a huge appetite for heavy grooves and riffs, but also for small and subtle compositions.


1. Awakening
2. Our Neighborhood
3. Sleepwalking
4. Bedmonster’s Groove
5. Pillowscreamers
6. Oldschool
7. Ode To Paralysis

Additional information

Through spending the first couple of months of 2023 writing new music at Nyhavna, one of the most important areas in Trondheim for arts and music, I LIKE TO SLEEP developed a focus on a more locally rooted way of working and thinking, trying to seek for and make use of the best that Trondheim offers, on every level.
This resulted in the trio working with the true sound wizard and production magician Kyrre Laastad at Øra Studio, just a couple of hundred meters away from the practice room at Nyhavna. The new album’s music and sound is truly I LIKE TO SLEEPs most brutal and roughest so far, but it is also definitely the most groovy and honest one. The album opens somewhere in the ambient aftermath of “Sleeping Beauty”, before it quickly get’s on new, undiscovered roads, with a huge appetite for heavy grooves and riffs, but also small and subtle compositions. The trio’s sound is also heavily extended through the process of making this album, where heavy loads of Mellotron is used and some spiritual Alice Coltrane-synths are introduced. Further we had to ask one of the other true sound legends, Helge Sten, commonly known as Deathprod, to master this album loud!