Hollow Hearts




SCHNOOT013 / Westergaard Records

The closing chapter in the love story spun by this Norwegian Americana band in the past years.


  1. Now That All Is Said And Done
  2. A Sailor’s Warning
  3. I’ve Got Hope
  4. Wait For Me
  5. Cold River
  6. High Time
  7. A Night Time Walk
  8. Checking Out
  9. Home For Him
  10. Bells

Additional information

Hollow Hearts hail from Tromsø, a city sitting well within the Arctic Circle in the far north of Norway.
Their music takes elements of folk, Americana and roots – genres traditionally associated with the American heartland – and channels them through their own unique Nordic voices. The result is a singular blend of pop music that feels as at home bathing in the Northern Lights as it would in Nashville.

Peter is the third and final chapter in the band’s story about the lifelong relationship between two lovers and just how complicated that love can be. At times melancholy, at times uplifting, Hollow Hearts’ music is always emotional, beautifully conveyed and impressively performed. Using both acoustic instruments and reverb-drenched electric guitars, the band tastefully utilizes traditional elements of pop and folk in a modern context, sometimes even hitting upon traces of Wilco, Fleetwood Mac and Amason.