Hollow Hearts



Westergaard Records / Schnoot 008


Beautiful Americana music from Northern Norway with hints of Mazzy Star and Fleetwood Mac.



  1. Annabelle
  2. Parade
  3. When We Get There
  4. Trouble Prelude
  5. Keep Moving On
  6. Into The City
  7. Things We Hide
  8. Red House Song
  9. The Line
  10. Peter
  11. Annabelle Pt.2

Additional information

Hollow Hearts is an urban country band from northern Norway blending the sounds of blues, rock, pop and folk into their own unique take on Americana music. Echoes of Mazzy Star and Fleetwood Mac can be heard in the band’s gorgeous harmonies and interesting interplay between members. Annabelle is a beautiful album that could have just as well come from Nashville as Tromsø.