Heave Blood And Die

Vol II



BFTRS014 / Blues for the Red Sun

Second full-length by Heave Blood & Die from the far north of Norway. Catchy, doomy riffs with influences ranging from hardcore to post punk.




  1. Plague
  2. Harakiri
  3. Warsaw
  4. LXXX
  5. Countercult
  6. Wealth Is Nothing
  7. Brigade
  8. Sinking Ships

Additional information

Heave Blood & Die, from the cold white north, bring a soundtrack to the fast approaching doomsday. With a heavy guitar- and synth-driven sound, the new album blows a breath of fresh air into the metal scene. VOL II is a truly interesting album from a band who continue to develop their special blend of doom.

They draw their inspiration from bands such as Converge, Sunn, Pallbearer and YOB. Echoes from the past may still be heard in the band’s sound, from Black Sabbath to Joy Division and Black Flag. Heave Blood & Die carries the torch onwards, mixing their varied taste in music with their doomy roots.

On their sophomore album, Heave Blood & Die are able to convey their unique energy and catchy desperation. This concept album is released digitally in two parts: Part I: Daggers and Part II: Flowers. Completed and reinforced by fantastic original cover art, the music lets listeners into a cold and dark parallel universe.

VOL II is a dagger in your back and a flower on your casket, a smooth but heavy 45-minute ride that won’t leave you disappointed.