Giant Sky II


2LP (black vinyl) / 2CD

Imaginary Friend Records / IMF002

From Erlend Viken, the songwriter of Norwegian post/art rock group Soup, comes the second GIANTSKY album. Alternative, indie, progressive, experimental, electronic – Viken is a master in traversing stylistic boundaries while crafting cinematic and deeply moving epics.

2LP version comes housed in gatefold packaging with printed inner sleeves, 180gr. vinyl.



  1. Origin Of Species
  2. Imposter
  3. Speak Through Walls
  4. Space Farrier
  5. The President
  6. To The Pensieve
  7. Dispatch Of Species
  8. Curbing Lights
  9. I Am The Night
  10. Birds With Borders
  11. Tables Turn
  12. King In Yellow
  13. Seeds

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